Kick Start Pain Management Programme

For anyone with chronic pain the changes they experience can be devastating. Reduced activity can make the pain worse over the longer term and can lead to other chronic medical conditions. Job loss is common, as are family conflict and relationship problems, and there is often a general loss of engagement in life. Sleep problems, depression, and anxiety are also all too common, and make it harder to cope. Pain is a complex and difficult thing.

The Kick Start program has been designed to help people with chronic pain start to get back into life. The program is conducted by a Pain Specialist, Clinical Psychologist, Physiotherapist and a Nurse, all of whom specialise in chronic pain. Through the program we help people to understand how to approach their pain in a different way. We start people on the road to becoming more active, dealing with the problems that come with pain, and feeling more confident to re-engage back into life.

The Kick Start program is based on an approach that is used around the world and is supported by extensive research. We are confident that this approach is something that can really help people with chronic pain.

The program runs for three hours, and teaches people how to take control of their physical, emotional, psychological and everyday life problems. It involves education about how we understand chronic pain from a scientific perspective, and provides ideas and strategies that people can use to start to manage their pain better. The ideas in the program also form the basis of how we work with people coming to the centre, and for that reason the program is an essential first step in working with us.

Kick Start Patient Information

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