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Our main goal is to try to help you improve your physical functioning and ability to engage again in life. This may be through medical treatments, but more often than not it comes by bring together medical treatments with other approaches as well, in a team based approach to your pain.

The team at inner west pain centre has a depth and breadth of experience that makes us one of the most experienced teams in Australia.

Our pain doctors are either anaesthetists, rehabilitation specialists, or surgeons, who have undergone further advanced training and specialisation in pain management. Anaesthetists rehabilitation specialists, and surgeons come from very different backgrounds and are training in very different approaches to medicine. As such they bring very different perspectives to pain management. This means that when we meet as a team to discuss your case you can be assured that we will be able to look at all medical options.

Physiotherapists and clinical psychologists are also a central part of our team based approach. Physiotherapists are trained in various approaches, but not all are trained in chronic pain. Chronic pain is very different from other forms or pain and injury, and requires a very different approach. All our physiotherapists are specialists in chronic pain and understand the best way to help you.

Similarly, the way a clinical psychologist approaches chronic pain is very different from our they may approach other problems. The problem of pain is often bigger than the pain itself. It can affect sleep, relationships, work, family members, sex, hobbies and activities and so. It can also lead to depression, anxiety, or problems with alcohol or drugs, and of course having pain and that impact it has on your life is very stressful. Clinical psychologists can help with these problems, as well as helping with pain coping strategies.

We can also help with many other aspects of your pain. For example, if you have come to rely to heavily on pain medication to cope, or perhaps you are using alcohol or other drugs to cope, we have specialists to help in that area.

Sometimes a person’s psychological problems may require medication for one reason or another. Alternatively they may be using pain medications that are interacting with psychological medications, resulting in side effects. If this is the case then you may benefit from seeing one of our psychiatrists.

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